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Due to the COVID-19 restrictions on group gatherings we had to suspend our "in-person" seminars throughout the U.S. We hope to resume them at some time in the future. In the meantime, we are providing the same valuable educational information via our online videos. For more information on our Educational Videos please call us at (513) 498-4061.



Medicare Simplified conducts free, educational seminars throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.  Our seminars are designed to provide valuable information to individuals turning age 65 and first eligible for Medicare and those considering enrolling in Medicare after age 65.  The seminars are also helpful for those already on Medicare.

Even if you have health coverage available to you after age 65 other than Medicare (current or previous employer of yours or your spouse, a union, the Military, etc), the educational seminar will be of value.  It is important to review all your options outside of Medicare and all your options within Medicare.  You should not assume one option is automatically your best choice.  Many individuals who have health coverage options outside of Medicare at their age 65 may find it more beneficial to enroll in Medicare.  Also, even if you determine it is in your best interest to defer enrolling in Medicare until a later date, you still need to consider many important Medicare rules to avoid costly mistakes.  

In our seminars we cover many topics including:

  • When and how to enroll in Medicare.  There are many deadlines and penalties that can be avoided with the proper planning.
  • The components of Medicare.  Since Medicare is different than any other health coverage you have had in the past, we spend time detailing every component including coverage and cost.
  • The impact of coverage through a current or previous employer of yours or your spouse on your decisions.  We specifically address this scenario in the program. 
  • Making changes with your coverage once you are enrolled in Medicare.  What you can do tomorrow will impact what you decide to do today.  You can not just change what you want, when you want.
  • The affect of Healthcare Reform on Medicare.  This new legislation has some immediate and future impact on Medicare that we discuss in the seminar.

We also cover many other topics we believe will be helpful as you make the best decisions for your personal situation.

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